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Obaisseempire Records is the brainchild of African renowned producer and entrepreneur, Trevor denis (Aka obaisse), Created as a wholly independent music label on May 30th 2022, Obaisseempire Records immediately captured the world’s attention.

Far out in Asaba, Delta state Nigeria, Trevor Denis started OBA ISSE EMPIRE a record label, along with professional and seasoned event managers, entertainment lovers and show promoters on August 26, 2022.

Record Label Name Obaisseempire Records
Owner Trevor Denis
Fields Music production
Contact +2347089717652
Location Redeem road, okpanam Rd, GRA phase 1 320108, Asaba

Trevor and his team are always out there working ferociously and making sure that every talented person is given a voice and a chance to showcase their talent to the world.

Trevor’s mom serves as a driving force behind his ambition, creativity and self-confidence, she is his best friend.
Trevor’s cute little son Raymond gives him every reason to be a better man and father.


Trevor believes that what makes a talented person successful is not just the talent but how the person is being guided and managed.

Right from when Trevor was a tiny little boy, he has a deep love for music and derives infantile joy in helping people and seeing them succeed in whatever they are good at.

There is something that brings tears to Trevor’s face. It is a sad thing that this abomination is still happening right now, even as you are reading this.
The thing is this… Most talented people are being exploited by some promoters and sponsors in the guise of help.
This is one of the reasons why Trevor started his company.

At OBA ISSE empire, every talented person is valued and secured. We not only sponsor and promote, but we also polish up your skills.
All the privileges and opportunities you sole richly deserve will be given to you.


Now, slowly with the heart, you have to read this…
If you can sing, dance, act and make people laugh(comedy), but you don’t how to get started or you don’t have the money to push yourself forward. You need not to worry, we are here for you.
The most constructively cute thing is, we are not just going to give you a platform, we will also connect you with clients.
You will have a big fat opportunity to perform at shows and events.
OBA ISSE empire is here
to turn your talent into gold.
If this sounds like something you want, kindly send us a Whatsapp message on +2347089717652.


Obaisseempire is home to Africa’s most exciting musical talents with dozens of awards, hit singles, brand endorsements and other numerous achievements.

Obaisseempire is here to make sure that your talent does not go unnoticed.

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